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  • Plzeň _ 2000
  • Aš _ 2002
  • Český Brod _ 2003
  • Plzeň _ 2004
  • Praha _ 2004
  • Nový Bydžov _ 2004
  • Karl.Vary _ 2006
  • Plzeň _ 2007
  • Plzeň_2008
  • Plzeň_2009
  • Plzeň_2010
  • Rokycany_2013
  • Mariánské Lázně_2013

Jana Soukeníková studied applied painting at Secondary Industrial Arts School at Uherské Hradiště in Czech Republic. She was born in Slovakia and, since 1988, has lived in Plzeň.

Her key theme is nude painting. Her drawings and paintings clearly reflect the emotional needs of a woman - her own losses and winnings, desires and passions, all intertwined with the complex web of inter-personal relationships. She seeks inspiration in the life's uniqueness and exceptionality, and finds most answers in her own spiritual domain. Her painting is a pure feministic activity marked by the strong points of her sex including realistic attitudes to the world in general and its everyday manifestations.

Noticeable in her paintings also are features of the drawing-room art and ornamental styles. Although the usual trend to perform one-time experiments is not evident in most of her works, layers of paint may be applied on non-standard surfaces over underlying uneven motifs or structures where the darker glazes flow and accumulate in deeper spots forming delightful smudges. But, in spite of these pleasing and fashionable digressions, her paintings include traditional and even classical features. Jana Soukeníková ranks among the key unconventional protagonists of the Czech feminist art. Her latest creations include large-format abstract paintings intended for modern housing and professional interiors.

The works of Jana Soukeníková can be found in private collections in both Europe and the USA.

Should you wish to own one of her original paintings, you can either buy any of those on display or order a painting of a specific type or size. Personal contact and agreement is a preferred procedure. The displayed paintings are unframed or provided with temporary frames. The ordered work will be delivered by Czech Post, either as a registered and insured parcel or as a commercial packet. The painting will be properly packaged in plastic "bubble" foil or another suitable material. The standard postage charges inside Czech Republic and to destinations in other countries apply. The purchased works can also be collected personally from the gallery in Plzeň.




Abstraktní obrazy

Datum: 16. 2. 2012
Fotografií: 7
Složek: 0


Datum: 22. 3. 2011
Fotografií: 51
Složek: 1


Datum: 22. 3. 2011
Fotografií: 4
Složek: 1


Datum: 22. 3. 2011
Fotografií: 49
Složek: 1

Kopie podle starých mistrů

Datum: 29. 1. 2010
Fotografií: 4
Složek: 0

Něco málo o mně

Datum: 9. 4. 2011
Fotografií: 2
Složek: 0


Datum: 22. 3. 2011
Fotografií: 7
Složek: 1